Movie Review #4: “Secondhand Lions”


Money, getting old, feeling useless, love—these are just a few of the ideas that were dealt with in this movie.

Another theme was the coming of age of the young boy Walter. Walter has been dropped off by his mother who it seems has abandoned the boy in the care of his two great-uncles, Garth and Hub. The reception is not a warm one at first but gradually the three seem to bond.

Whether the African stories told by Garth are true or not, we don’t know. I think they’re mostly for the purpose of entertaining Walter.

We do feel sorry for Hub who has lost the love of his life and seems to be affected by the fact that he is no longer vigorous and useful. Garth appears to be more resigned and accepting of the fact that he’s getting older.

Both Michael Caine (Garth) and Robert Duvall (Hub) do a fine job in their roles of the great-uncles. And Haley Joel Osment as Walter is convincing in his role of the young nephew.

We have all the elements to make this an entertaining film: adventure, romance, and mystery. What more could we ask for?  ~~LMMolina


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