Movie Review #5: “Inkheart”


I love to read! No doubt about it! I usually put myself in the characters’ roles. Sometimes I become angry with some of them and fall in love with others. However, I’m not sure I would want to be physically placed in the book I’m reading at the time. It would be kind of spooky!

I thought the characters in this film were unique, a bit exaggerated but entertaining. I liked the scenes where the reading was done. It made me wonder what would happen. One of my favorites was the scene with The Shadow. The visual effect here was impressive.

Of all the characters, my favorite was Dustfinger. His desire to go back to his world was so strong that it made me feel sorry for him. I could forgive his faults and tricks because of his homesickness. Could you blame him?

With all its quirks, Inkheart is worth watching and I would recommend it.  ~~LMMolina


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