Movie Review #6: “Zathura”


One of the things I enjoyed about this film is the bickering that when on between the boys and their sister.  It reminded me of my children when they were growing up. The director did an excellent job recreating these scenes of sibling rivalry. Do you think they were realistic?

I thought the use of the board game was unique. It literally played up the importance of taking turns and being patient, just like in real life! How patient are you when it comes to board games?

I was  a bit confused when the brothers were replicated within the same time span. I guess that emphasized the concept of getting a chance to do something over again and getting it right the second time around! Do you agree?

The movie was fun to watch and kept the audience guessing and wondering if the boys would be able to turn things around and get back home safely. I would recommend this movie for the whole family. What do you think? ~~LMMolina


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