Movie Review #7: “Frankenweenie”


Tim Burton is known for his dark, Gothic and weird fantasy films. The movie Frankenweenie is no exception.What makes this particular movie Gothic-like? For one, the topic of Frankenstein. Mary Shelly’s monster is transferred to a dog who was struck and killed by a car and brought back to life by a scientifically-minded boy.  Many scenes from the novel are replicated throughout the move.  You’ll have to read the novel in order to appreciate Tim Burton’s take on this classic Gothic tale.

Other elements that bring out the Gothic atmosphere are the characters who are almost grotesque in nature. They have unusual features with sad expressions.

The fact that the movie is in black and white gives it a frightening atmosphere.  Most of the scenes take place at night or during a storm adding to the supernatural ambiance.

Anyone up for more Gothic? ~~LMMolina

Tim Burton




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