Movie Review #9: “A Christmas Story”


I did a little research on this movie and found out that Jean Shepherd, the writer of A Christmas Story, was the narrator in the movie. I guess it was a natural choice since Shepherd was a humorist whose radio programs and books recalled memories of growing up in Indiana in the 1940s.

My favorite part of the movie is Ralphie’s mom using Lifebouy soap to wash his mouth out after he said the “f” word and he blames another boy for his knowledge of the word.


The director Bob Clark did an excellent job depicting scenes from the holiday season and growing up during those times.  Scenes such as the one about the ugly lamp, the neighbor’s dogs, the school bullies and of course, Ralphie’s daydreaming of getting the one gift he desperately wants Santa to bring on Christmas Day.   Priceless! ~~LMMolina


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