Movie Review #10: “Arthur Christmas”


This film will definitely be on my favorites list for Christmas movies. The part I liked best was the ending when Arthur leaves the pink bike and watches as Gwen opens her present. It’s an emotional scene and one that any adult will understand.

My favorite character? Hum, tough one! I guess I’ll go with Grandsanta with his crazy stunts and names for the family members. He was a riot! Arthur comes in second. He’s so loveable! And Steve is third, so full of himself this character! Santa and the missus portrayed a cute couple. Mrs. Claus comes out as a sensible woman who knows how to handle the men in the family.  Don’t you think?

The people who worked on this animated film did a wonderful job of combining the old with the new.  Technology and old-fashioned letter writing were contrasted in such a way that the audience was convinced that maybe the “old” ways are better.  It  really didn’t matter who delivered the presents or how it got there, the important thing was that the child received what she had asked for. Do you agree? I never tire of the film and would love my grandchildren and their children to feel the magic of Christmas.  ~~LMMolina


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