Movie Review #11: “Temple Grandin”

                Claire Danes as Temple Grandin

The film Temple Grandin is based on the life of the woman with the same name. I thought Claire Danes did a fabulous job portraying the autistic Temple. This kind of role is a challenging one for any actor. She must have observed Temple Grandin closely to fine tune her quirks and mannerisms. She also must have interviewed her to get  a feeling of her emotions and ideas about animals. One of my favorite scenes is when Claire as Temple asks the eternally deep question about death: “Where do they go?” She asks this question twice: after the death of the horse Chestnut and the sudden death of her mentor Dr. Carlock.  Her mother gave her an honest answer: “I don’t know.” Whether Temple was satisfied with that answer, I really couldn’t tell. Could you?

Temple Grandin is the type of movie we can watch several times and always learn something new. I highly recommend it! ~~LMMolina


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