Summer Viewing

Since the summer recess started I’ve been watching a variety of movies. The Magnificent SevenPassengers, Hidden Figures, The Book of Life, and The Grand Budapest Hotel are just a few.   Not to mention the British and Australian series which I find highly entertaining: Rake, The Last Tango in Halifax and Happy Valley (this last one is still in process).

The action-packed remake of The Magnificent Seven is a must for those who love cowboy films. The casting is excellent and the one female role is a gutsy gal–not your typical damsel in distress. The gun-shooting scenes keep you on the edge of your seat! (PG13)

The story behind Passengers was something very unexpected. Can you imagine being stranded on a star ship?  The film also gives you a whole new take on the future of  space travel. What a ride! (PG13)

If ever there was a movie to inspire young women to study math and pursue a career in engineering,  Hidden Figures is THE film to watch. Truly inspirational! Loved it! (PG)

Everyone must write his own story is the message of The Book of Life.  It’s a beautiful film full of color and vibrant characters. Wonderful for the whole family! (PG)

An adult film abundant in dark humor, The Grand Budapest Hotel, takes you on a unique trip. It’s a period piece that includes a murder mystery (two of my favorite elements in a movie). (R)

Take your pick; there’s bound to be a film for you to watch in the comfort of your home. ~~LMMolina


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