The Star: A Real Treat

As far as films based on the Bible go, this one is a keeper. Without going into the realm of religion, The Star keeps it simple. It’s basically a story about faith and friendship. Something anyone can relate to at all times.

The Star stands out because the main characters are animals.  Their role in the story of the “king” provides entertainment while driving home the importance of values. Being true to friends and having faith should be the compass that guides any soul through the complexities of life.

The film remained close to the story of the birth of the King as it has been told to humanity. Elements associated with this event were not relevant. You don’t see anything having to do with Christmas. It’s a film that can be viewed any time of the year.

No matter what “faith” you belong to,  consider The Star a motivational film. Emphasis is on the three Fs: Friends, Family, and Faith. I give it a two thumbs up! ~~LMMolina



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