Video Clip #20: “Mr. Mom”

Michael Keaton has been involved in drama films of late. But I remember his first films were in the genre of comedy. One of my favorites is his role in Mr. Mom (1983).  Directed by Stan Dragoti and written by John Hughes (of the Home Alone movies and The Breakfast Club), the film tells the story of a man who’s lost his job and assumes the role of a stay-at-home dad when his wife rejoins the work force. As a “mom,” he has no clue how to manage a home. It’s kind of silly at times, but that’s what makes it so funny.  In this scene, Keaton’s character becomes obsessed with daytime soap operas to the point where the house almost literally “falls apart”! It’s an old flick but an entertaining one for the entire family. ~~LMMolina


Video Clip #19: “Some Like It Hot”

In England, women were never allowed to perform on stage until after 1660. The roles of women were played by young men or boys. When we watch a female performance played by an adult male, we tend to find it comedic. In this 1959 film, we see two male musicians masquerading as female musicians in order to escape from the mob after witnessing a murder. This black-and-white film won numerous awards in many categories. It’s a highly entertaining comedy starring well-known actors, among which is the famous Marilyn Monroe. A classic in its own right! ~~LMMolina

Video Clip #18: “We Know the Way” – “Moana”

This is one of my favorite scenes from the film Moana. The song is inspirational! Moana’s people are travelers and knew their way around the islands in the South Pacific. The song depicts so clearly that these people know who they are, where they’re from, and that they know the way! ~~LMMolina


Video Clip #17: “Harry and the Hendersons”

If you’ve ever wondered how a Big Foot might act with a family, you’ll want to check out this movie. Whether you believe in the existence of this creature or not, you’ll be certain to find this film an entertaining one. Harry will win your heart! ~~LMMolina


Video Clip #16: “Good Morning, Vietnam”

As far a war movies go, this one I highly recommend. Robin Williams gives another outstanding performance.

The soothing melody of the song contrasts sharply with the images of a war-ravaged country during a very unpopular war.  The effect is startling and moving at the same time. ~~LMMolina


Video Clip #15: “The Lord of the Rings” (Return of the king)

It’s no wonder that this film won the Oscar for best picture in 2003. The visual effects alone were spectacular! This scene in particular just blew my breath away! The lighting, the sounds and the emotions displayed were mind-boggling!  Hats off to the director Peter Jackson!~~LMMolina


Video Clip #14: Scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Music definitely can change the mood of a particular scene in a movie. Selecting or composing music for a film is a challenge for the person responsible for this part of the film-making process.  Can you think of any composers who have been successful in this area? What names come to mind? In my opinion, music can either make or break a movie.  Even the “silent” movies had music to create the feelings of suspense, danger, fear, happiness, or sadness. Whenever I hear a musical score of a movie, certain names come inmediately to mind. ~~LMM


Video Clip #13: “Popeye”( Everything is food)

This is one of my favorite scenes and songs from the movie Popeye. The clip depicts our view of food. Now, who doesn’t love food?

The scene has a lot of slapstick, wacky body movements, which make it entertaining to watch. The song is kind of catchy, don’t you agree? ~~LMMolina


Video Clip #12: Yule Ball ( “The Goblet of Fire”)

One of my favorite scenes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: the Yule Ball. It was a delight to watch the actors display their dancing skills, some more than others, of course. The young ladies and their escorts were dressed handsomely for this event. Hats off to the costume designers! ~~LMMolina



Video Clip #11: “Awakenings”

This clip from the film starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams shows the patient’s suffering and how the doctor tries to feel the pain by holding his hand. Would you do something like this? Could you hold the hand of a person in pain?~~LMM